My TAZ 3.1->4.0 upgrade

Got it upgraded and printing.

upgraded z axis, LM10UUs all around.

The X Ends are printed. I am printing modified Xends in the video. They combine the plate with the respective end piece and add reinforcement. Will publish once finalized.

ITT: Salvador Dali makes a 3D printer (but seriously what is with that distortion?).

You probably know this by now, but it’s not printing anymore in your video. Also, tighten your x-belt!

I like the filament feeder on the side, it seems like it would keep unruly spools in check.

Overall, I’d rate it delightful/10.

Yeah, filament jammed :frowning: didn’t notice till the video was posted.

I have tightened the x belt actually have changed the x axis.

Printed X Ends with plate integrated and stiffened.

Here is the spool

and here is the straightener.

Thanks for sharing! Another upgrade to add to my list.