TAZ 3 X/Z Axis upgrade


I am hoping to bring my TAZ 3 to life by upgrading the X/Z printed parts so that the extruder is stable. Could someone advise the following:

  1. Can I easily download all the files for TAZ4 and TAZ5 from the download area in one go. I had to download all the TAZ 3 files one-by-one, however the new TAZ’s are all in separate folders, it’s going to take me hours. If I can get the files, I can compare and make my own designs.

  2. If the above is not possible can someone advise which parts would work on the TAZ 3. I have upgraded proper CNC couplings but still using the original threaded rod for the Z axis.

Many thanks

OK, for now I’ve discovered that download.lulzbot.com has an FTP service, so downloading everything using filezilla works.

Would still appreciate any experience of upgrading the TAZ 3 to improve stability of the X/Hot End

So it seems in addition to the parts removed from the TAZ 3, the parts list required (from the TAZ 5) would be:

2 x PP-FP0031_rA.PDF (need to be cut from aluminium, various threaded holes as per the PDF)
1 x x-idler v2.4 - This requires 3 of the embedded nuts (not available here in HK).
2 x double_bearing_holder-2.0
8 x M3 x 12 hex bolts and M3 washers

It all goes wrong when I look at the Z Nut … it’s all designed for the new leadscrew and the special nut for the leadscrew.

Can Lulzbot provide some kind of upgrade kit of the necessary parts? Otherwise it’s an expensive pile of parts that has never worked properly since it fell apart coming out of its box.

The biggest improvement you can make to the stability of the hot end is to replace the x rods with hardened units and put proper bearings in it. Those plastic Igus bushings are terrible.

I have upgraded my Taz 2.1 to version 4 Z hardware but the biggest improvement was changing out the x rails and bearings. I have ordered new rails and bearings for Y because it is sloppy as well.

Changing to lead screws on Z will remove all the backlash in Z and make a big improvement in your first layer precision.

We now have many of the hard to source parts needed to upgrade the Z axis on a TAZ 3 to TAZ 4 spec.
If you print the printed parts yourself, and are willing to modify the wiring harness, the main things you’ll need are:
(2) http://i-t-w.com/hardware/lulzbot-taz-45-z-axis-lead-screw-threaded-rod
(2) http://i-t-w.com/hardware/taz-x-axis-end-plate
(1) http://i-t-w.com/hardware/lulzbot-taz-4-and-5-control-box (Not required, but the wire exit on the TAZ 3 box interferes with the Z lower motor mount.)
(2) http://i-t-w.com/hardware/taz-45-z-axis-nut-lead-screw-resin-misumi-mtsrr12

You’ll also need a pair of the Misumi GSASL16-5-5 couplers, which we don’t have listed currently

All parts are used pulls from disassembled machines, or have modest blemishes. The X end plates may need to be tapped.

Let me know if you guys ever have some or all of the internal wiring harness bits to go with that 5 wiring enclosure. I would pay to not have to crimp all those pins.

He does have a few of the internal cables, but I am not sure if all of them.

The ones listed are the old Taz 3 style, which I already have. He does have the 5 style external extruder cables, but I need the wires from the rambo board to the plugs first. And the plugs. Also the 5 style LCD cable too.