My Taz 6 started chewing up the filament

This just started happening a few days ago… I get through a few layers of printing then the filament gets chewed so badly that it no longer gets pulled through to the print head. I’m not sure what to do about this. Any suggestions?



What type of filament? If PLA, then it sounds like heat creep… check that the heatsink fan is working.

After confirming that your fan is working, make sure that your hobbed bolt’s teeth are clean from debris, especially since it’s been grinding filament. Use the metal bristled brush included with your tool kit to clean the teeth.

It is indeed PLA. I’ll give it another go and check the fans.

Actually, there is a ton of ground filament in there. I’ll make sure to clean it out thoroughly before having another go at it.



Ok so there was debris in the hobbed bolts teeth as you mentioned. I carefully cleaned it out. I also made sure the heat sink fan was working. Also I noted that the two rods on springs with twist bolts (sorry I don’t know the name of the parts) were very loose so I tightened them up a bit. I did get twice the layer height I had been getting on previous unsuccessful prints so I’m pretty sure the debris may have been part of it. But the print still failed the same as before.

What is this heat creep issue I’ve been reading about?



OK, so I found out that the side fans are not turning on (the heat sink fan is fine). What are the steps to troubleshoot?


After you clean the hobbed bolt again. You probably want to do a cold-pull. Lots of guides here on how to do that.

Can you heat up the nozzle and push filament though?

With a good temperature probe you want to make sure your hot end is getting up to and staying at the temperature it thinks it should be.