NASA CLAMP DESIGN...(strong man)

Entered a 3D printing competition hosted by GrabCad and NASA a little while ago. The goal was to design a 3D printed clamp for the ISS. Anyway, I shared one of my original designs in this thread. So I ended up riffing off that first design and made a second design called the “strong man”, which was a latch style clamp design with horizontally printed pins.

So I just found out today, that out of 450+ entries, I made final 14, with ultimate top five winners to be announced within two weeks. I was pretty stoked to hear the news. All the models were printed on a Lulzbot Taz 4.

Here’s a link to the design challenge main page.

link to my model with tons of information on the design process along with video’s. I was able to get the clamp to support a weight of 150lbs before I stopped testing but it could have taken more weight.
All the .stl files are downloadable and free! Chekc it out!

Cool, congrats!


Eh thanks. Hope I make it in tops, would love to see it being used on the ISS! My contribution to space exploration.

Nice looking piece!

I was working on an entry, but sadly I didn’t finish it in time. Hope you win!

Oh really eh, that’s too bad. Would have loved to see it. Yeah it was a month long of R&D, had a blast on this one! Thanks for the support!

Placed 6th overall, not bad, maybe they’ll still use the design on the ISS anyway. I had it supporting almost 250lbs with only 30% infill!