Sculpture at TAZ 5 max Z

I designed this sculpture while playing around in Tinkercad, and thought I’d scale it to the maximum print height on the TAZ 5.
It took around 50 hours at high quality. Printed in Chroma Strand Inova, no support.
I started hearing a clicking toward the end of the print, and rushed in to see what it was. It turned out to be the wire loom on the extruder harness rubbing against itself from where it exits the toolhead to where it’s cable tied to the top rail.

The surface finish on the base is impressively smooth! Check out the reflection from the heater block in the early pictures.

The file is here:

I think im close to saying anything printed in that color of green looks great! It looks similar to the quadcopter peice. Either way, excellent looking model you made and printed and props for putting a 50 hour print through the Taz5