New couplers

I tried to install vibration dampers on my Z motors today and I found my CPX16-5-5 couplers were not big enough to span the gap. Can anyone suggest another size that fits? I have a Taz 2 turned into a 4…


You really don’t need the vibration dampers on Z, it doesn’t move enough to make enough noise to benefit. If you really want to add them though, you will need a coupler that matches the following dimensions

5mm inner diameter (top and bottom, 16mm outer diameter (ish), at least 26mm long in your case. Model 2463K22 from Mcmaster Carr should work

For me, I would probably pull the dampers off there before spending $80 on couplers.

Haha ok thanks so my Piercet! I wont bother then!

After installing auto levelling, my Z axis is pretty noisy! I found some couplers on eBay for cheaper…