New to Taz 5 - Need Help

Hi there, I’m new to the forum and just received a Taz 5 as a gift from a family. I teach HS science, engineering, mathematics.
The Taz 5 is used yet in excellent condition. I worked through online tutorials etc. and fired it up for a test print and got a mediocre results. I also noticed that the unit was printing with 1.75mm PLA and after talking with Lulzbot reps about it, this machine should be using 3mm material. So…I’m struggling to make sense of it.
I’m attaching pics of the head and am open to someone, anyone, telling me if this has been modified or not. The previous owner said that it needed a new nozzle yet otherwise prints fine. I’m wide open to suggestions.
Cheers and thanks !


Its been a long time since my TAZ 5 was stock, but your toolhead looks fine. The toolhead can print 1.75, just make sure the settings are correct in your slicing software. Unless the previous owner printed abrasive materials, the nozzle should be fine. You may want to do some “cold” pulls to help remove any residue or particles that may slow flow or clog the nozzle. I don’t know if you can even buy a nozzle for the hexagon extruder anymore. Try ITworks if needed.

The PEI is severely bubbled, probably needs to be replaced. Its a pretty simple task, purchase a replacement from Lulzbot or from Amazon. Removing the existing PEI from the glass will be the most difficult task.

Last note, the little fan blower on the nozzle should be on at all times. They go bad and the filament will get stuck. When they go bad, they are difficult to find.

Good luck with the new printer. Post any questions on the forum. Lots of helpful people and every so often older legacy users pop in.

I believe that if you were to make sure the extruder assembly was clean and used 3mm filament, you would be capable of adequate-acceptable prints. You can access all of the models and printed part STLs from Lulzbot. At that point, you could certainly print off a new set of components to ensure you are dealing with stock parts. That would be close to a guarantee that you should expect good print results. I feel that the actual extrusion components will certainly be close to needing replacements, and it would be hard to replace them. E3D has a wiki page on upgrading a TAZ 5 to use an E3D V6/Volcano and the Titan Extruder. If you decide to do that, you would have a reliable source for extruder components like fans, hotends, gears, etc.