New Tool Heads

Ok, with all these new tool heads I have a thousand questions and am quite shocked that i could not find a single thing in the forums about these. Currently for toolhead I have two std taz 5 .35 heads, a flexdually v1 and a Moarstruder but have not gotten around to buying a Aerostruder. I don’t have a std taz 5 .5 head but use the .5 head of the flexdually as if it was a single head.

So having an unlimited supply of money but a limited amount of shelf space, what should I buy and what should i through away.

No seriously money is always an object. But it looks like the new aerostruder does away with the need for a flexstruder. I never bought a single flexstruder either, i’ve just always used the flexdually as a single. The flexdually appears to be missing from the store tool heads page and the dual extruder v3 does not support flex and semi flex material. Does this mean one can no longer print flex/semi with either non flex/semi material or support material? For example i’ve often made dice with abs eyes and squishy body and other such mixed items. Could there a flexdually v3 on it’s way and just not out yet.

I know my previous paragraph basically just rambles, so let me summarize my questions another way. If I wanted to print both flex/semi material and many standard filaments together as sell as o print two non flex/semi filaments together, how many heads ( and which ones ) would I need. I understand nozzle size and print quality can make this more complicated so to make this simple and help me understand the heads from a filaments option alone, lets just leave quality and print time out.

Oh, and if I buy a HS+ is my moarstruder ready for the junk yard?


There certainly isn’t any buzz about these new tool heads like there was this time last year for the new tool heads of their time, the Dual Extruder V3 and the Aerostruder. I’ll reserve my opinion as to why that is. I do not understand why you say

the dual extruder v3 does not support flex and semi flex material

. That is not true! Here’s the link to the store for the v3 Dual Extruder - ; If you scroll down to the “Features” section and read Question #2.

Question 2: Can the LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder v3 Tool Head print flexible materials?

Answer: Yes, the Dual Extruder v3 is capable of printing flexible materials.

I have both the Aerostruder & v3 Dual Extruder and I can tell you both tool heads can print flexible filament. I don’t have any semi-flex filament so I can’t comment on that, though I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be able to print semi-flex filament if they can print all other filaments.

The Aerostruder works so well (must get the silicone soc!) I don’t ever see a reason to go back to the stock “standard” print head.

You say you have the MOAR Extruder Tool Head. The new HS+ Tool Head claims to be able to print twice as fast as the MOAR tool head;

The large 1.2 mm nozzle diameter and massive heater block with elongated melting zone is paired with the E3D Titan Extruder to enable extrusion rates of up to approximately 205 grams/hour.

Though I don’t know why it would print twice as fast than the MOAR tool head when the parts are essentially the same except for a hardened steel nozzle and extruder hobb. I’m still waiting to see someone do some real world tests to support or debunk this claim.