No Benchy bottom text with .18mm layers

Just picked up a Taz 6 and have been using Benchy (the little test print boat) to hone my initial layers. If you’ve seen this file, you know it has a little bit of embossed text on the bottom. I was using that to determine how much “squish” I had.

I printed a jaunty little boat but noticed there wasn’t any text on the bottom. I thought, I’ve got a lot of squish! It wasn’t until I popped over to the layer view that I noticed Cura wasn’t even trying to print that text.

It was then I discovered that if I pick XT (colorFabb) / Standard, it will plan a path for the text. If I pick the High Detail quickprint, the text goes away again.

Sure enough, if I go into expert settings an set my layer height to .18, the text vanishes, but it comes back with a layer height of 0.25 or greater.

This is counter intuitive to how I think this works. How do I get the text to slice with .18mm layers? What am I doing wrong?


How did you even find an XT Colorfabb Profile?. I need one for my Taz 6 and can’t find it.

Try a lower initial layer height.

My version of Cura (21.04) has a colorFabb_XT profile, but you can only get to it from QuickPrint if you pick “All” for Material ease of use.

(I attached a version of it that I’ve tweaked. I’m kind of reluctant to do so, as I’m no expert and what I’ve done could be absolute trash! In particular, I’ve set it up to make supports easier to remove, as I was having a real tough time chiseling off the standard supports.)
3.0 Standard PETG (3.08 KB)

A smaller initial layer thickness does bring it back! Thanks!!

I experienced the same thing with 21.08 - where can this be reported so profiles can get fixed in new releases?

Maybe here: