cura first layer

cura shows polylite first layer (fast print) at .43mm should the first layer be .43mm then? thanks

Ideally yes. If you have .50 nozzle, it’s hard to get that big a first layer, though.

When I print a calibration cube, I set the first layer to the same height as the others (usually 0.20 or 0.25 is my preference).

Some may argue that setting a large first layer height is necessary because the intention is to “squash” that layer onto the bed – I don’t think that’s true. There’s usually a setting in the slicer for over-extruding that first layer to help that “squash”, and the intention is that the first layer height is to be honored by the printer.

right now I’m getting apx .3mm the first layer (I had to adjust my z axis left screw rod apx 1mm. to get better readings from the ‘sensor’) maybe that’s why? maybe see if I can get the .43 layer on the z offset … give it a try? …any thoughts other then ‘go for it’…

well I ‘went’ for it and got my first border line to measure …cura fast print says initial layer.43 got it to .42 close enough for…
went from my initial offset of -1.6 to -1.3…1st layer went from .31mm to the .42mm