none consistent prints

hi, I’m running into a problem with one of my printers, it will print off three 12hr. perfect prints with out me touching it but as soon as I go for the fourth one it starts to strip the filament and I don’t know why as soon as I take the filament out cut off the part that got chewed it prints normally for another three prints. is it the e-steps or a hardware defect or some thing else? I’m open to any suggestions its for work.

We need more information.

Are these all the same identical part? Are you printing all 4 parts on the same bed at the same time or printing one after another? How big are the parts? What material are you using? Do you have any pictures?


I’m printing the same part three times with no problems each print takes 12hrs. to print the fourth time I try printing that same 12hr. part it fails; half way through the fourth print it will chew the cheetah flex filament that I am using. I am using the same roll of cheetah flex for all four of the separate 12hr. prints. the part I am making is a 6in. tube that is 7 in. tall and I print the tube one at a time.