print not finishing

Hi guys my taz5 working great with abs using cura , i had a long print 6 hours , and the print went down great to the last part of the print it did not complete the last part it just kept spitting out filiment . Idid the print on two other items and
it was doing the same thing get to a point and stop spitting out filiment ,has any one had that happen to them

Can you upload your .stl and .gcode to help us help you diagnose?

Maybe a more info would be helpful. When you say it kept spitting out filament? Do you mean it was not moving X,Y 0r Z and it was “extruding” material?

Did it do this above the model or off to the side? What kind of material? and any photos of the issue?

Hi guys sorry just getting back to you on holiday, every thing is workig great x y and z aremoving but no filment not coming out , i did a 5 hour print last night the arm 98% came out good but the last part which rises about 6mm the filiment did not bond this is the tsix time i have done this part. i did put it through another slicer and reprinted it
the same thing

If two different slicers are having the same issue, it sounds like a mechanical problem. If the nozzle is up to temperature and the extruder motor is moving, but no filament is coming out the nozzle then you might have a clogged nozzle.

Here’s our guide on how to fix that:

Hi thanks for the reply, the nozzel is not clogged it flows great i think i have solved the problem files using difference slicering codes and errors and the files. I did a print last night came out great i Am going to try one with height that were it does not bond
let you know