Nozzle change advice

Hi All,

I have a TAZ 6 with the original single extruder. The nozzle has been clogging and I want to replace it. I can’t find any info about any calibration needed after I change it. Will a new nozzle change any of the e-steps or other measurements? Been wanting to do this on a few, but can’t find an answer. I’ve only seen how to remove and install, but never a mention of calibration.


You shouldn’t need to do anything after replacing the nozzle as long as it is the same material as the old nozzle (i.e. brass). A change in material may require a change in temperature(s). If you change the nozzle diameter (i.e. .5 → .4), then your slicer will need adjusting and all existing gcode files will no longer print correctly.

There is a nozzle change procedure which you should be able to find in this forum or on the LulzBot website. It involves doing things at a high temperature so be very careful.

Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure if I needed to adjust some settings by measuring with calipers or something.

The tip of the nozzle is the “measuring” point.