TAZ 5 Dual Extruder V3 Questions

Hey everyone,

I recently received my Dual Extruder V3 (DE for the rest of the post) upgrade for my TAZ 5 and had a few questions:

I want to print Carbon Fiber filament with my TAZ 5 and bought two hardened steel nozzles to replace the default ones.

Is it possible to replace the nozzles on the DE?
If so, how would I ensure that both nozzles are level with each other?
I do already have both hardened steel nozzles so would it be worth it to replace both nozzles? With the second extruder being only for support and less abrasive materials I don’t know if the hardened steel would be worth it to replace the default nozzle. Or should I save it to replace the primary extruder when the first one wears down? Do note, I already have both nozzles.

Thanks for any help,
David K.

I’m pretty sure the nozzles are replaceable… I don’t think Lulzbot likes or recommends the practice. It’ll most likely void the warranty on the DE.

The nozzle butts against the heat-break of E3D hotends… these are some hybrid with the larger hexagon-type heat block.
But they seem to have adopted the E3D nozzle assembly design which butts against the heat break. So potentially the two nozzles will be the same height as long as you don’t touch the heat breaks (secured to the heatsink by grub screws). As long as the nozzles are within 1mm, there’s probably enough tolerance in the screw holes to adjust the level of the heatsink… then use the right lead screw to adjust the gantry more.

Personally, I don’t think the CF PLA is worth the effort… The key to traditional CF’s strength is the continuous strand and weave. The chopped pieces of CF in the filament are far from a continuous strand, and therefore is just a filler in the PLA. There may be weight savings and possibly a little stronger, but it won’t compare to traditional CF.

If you want printable CF, look at the Markforged printers.

The v3 dual extruder nozzles are longer, a.k.a “volcano” type. Be sure you get those kind for this tool head.

No need to replace the 2nd nozzle if it’s not needed. It’s not worth taking the chance of breaking the head by replacing it with an un needed nozzle. I broke my original head by trying to fix it when it was leaking filament out the top of the block. The wires are very tight and easy to break. I think I broke off the temperature sensor wire and shorted some fan wires together; a real mess! Now I have a broken head that I don’t know what to do with.

We recently started stocking the hot-end kits for the dual extruder V3.

Also e3d has most of the individual parts you would need that we don’t stock including the HS volcano nozzles.

And for good measure here is our standard disclaimer
WARNING: At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBot 3D printer. It is important to know that any modifications or attempted repairs that cause accidental or intentional damage are not covered under the Warranty.

I know someone looking for a Dual Extruder and we have the ability to fix almost anything. If you have interest PM me and we can see if we can work out a deal.