Nozzle hitting infill

When printing, especially with Slic3rs default infill pattern, my nozzle hits the infill when printing it and when simply crossing it to move to another area. It seems during infill some amount of material ends up above the level it was printed at. I’m also having a bit of a problem getting the infill to bond. Honeycomb does good.

Are you using one of these profiles provided by Lulzbot?

If so - which one?

Yes, the .35 ABS fine and medium with support off

Any ideas?

Pictures of the problem would help.

I have had this problem in the past when I was over extruding. Have you went through the extruder calibration process?

Be sure to measure the filament diameter and enter that value in your slicer software. Also, heat up the extruder and bed to printing temps and set the nozzle to bed gap to ~0.005 inches. This has given me the best results, FWIW!

Turn up speed for infill incrementally till it doesn’t occur. This is likely caused by temps vs speed if just infill.
You could also adjust your extrusion rate but that would affect all aspects of the print not just infill.

This is a similar bit of the problem. ABS at 230 and 85 bed