Infill Printing issues Taz6


Have a question running a Lulzbot 6 Taz.

Some print are ok but a lot getting a bit of headache :slight_smile:
And I do not know why.

Printing black ngen colorfabb in 230 C with Cura 2 LE.
Latest version with Ubuntu 18.10.

Layerhight. 0.2 / Speed 40 mm/s

All ok in the beginning.
1st layer ok, outer walls ok, infill ok.
erything seems to be perfect…

But then after a while, while printing the infill it does melting the infill pattern.
Well it is a bit difficult to explain. But this is how it looks, see attachment.

All of the plastic is pointing all the way up.

Because of the up-raising plastic. The nozzle is touching the bulid while moving round.
It is a bit scary / watching / hearing the printing so I stop it immediately.

Is there something to prevent this issue?
All is printing fine except the infill.

Hope someone has an idea.
If you need more informations let me know.


Gues it as due to to less flow.
Checked in on the screen and it was on 95 % for some reason.

Changed it back to 100% and it was ok :slight_smile: