Nozzle temp dropping during print

Hey guys,

I’ve tried printing this job several times, and only recently noticed why it appears to be failing - My nozzle temperature appears to be dropping from 230C down to 206C during the print. I’m doing an SD card print where the temp has been set to a flat 230C with a heated bed temp of 85C (printing HIPS). I’m using the TAZ-5 all-metal print head, and I’ve been using it for several months without seeing this. From what I can tell, the target temp remains at 230C (as displayed on the LCD panel), but for whatever reason the nozzle temp drops to 206C regardless. The fan is usually set to about 55% at this time.

What would cause this symptom? The power supply? The controller board? The nozzle itself? It only happens after printing for about 5 minutes, it initially has no problem reaching 230C.

The fan speed may be too high. Try manually dropping it down to 40% (or less) and see if the nozzle temp recovers.

Is this with a “stock” extruder?

It sounds like the heater cartridge is starting to burn out. You should be able to maintain your target temp on the nozzle itself even at 100% fan on a stock extruder at normal room temperatures.

That doesn’t make much sense to me… even if it maintains its temperature with a lower fan speed, something is definitely wrong as I’ve been printing with these settings for months.

Yeah, this is an unmodified extruder.

I’ll try another extruder head and see if the problem goes away… although that will have to wait a bit as my laptop recently died (only device I have that’s either portable or has an SD card reader). Estimate at least 2 weeks before I can replace it :frowning:

Maybe I missed but are you able to Ohm meter check the heater? Its almost got to be the problem, either that, poor or loose connection someplace or the controller. One other remote possibility is that maybe the temperature is ok, its just the readout from a thermistor going bad.

After re-reading your post… if the temperature gets to the target like it always has in the past my thought it could be your controller or the readout is the issue. Check for loose connections first.