Nozzle can't hoild temps above it me?

I have the .5 nozzle, am printing at a .5 width and .25 layer height. Currently I am printing at about 85mm/s with PLA, and the fan on 100%.

I find that this PLA (filkemp blend) prints nicely at higher temperatures, especially when printing fast(er) like this. But, it, like all PLA really holds heat, so I run the fan on 100% at all times to prevent distortion.

The max temperature I can hold at the nozzle is 240-245. If I set it on 250, it just can’t reach it. Should the printer be able to hold a temp above 240-245 in these circumstances?

Thank You!

You may have to heat to temperature with the fan off, then engage the fan and see if it can hold. If it can’t hit above 240 without the fan on, you may have a failing thermistor or heater core.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, it can hit higher temperatures with the fan lower or disabled. Once I crank the fan back up to 100% the max temp it can hold is around 244 or so.


try pulling the fan off temporarily so it isn’t pointing at the nozzle and see if you can hit temperature with the fan still running 100% but aimed somewhere else. if you can, you may need to adjust your nozzle aim to be further away from the hotend metal.

is this a stock fan design?

It is a stock fan on the TAZ 5. I could remove the shroud, but there is no facility for aiming the fan. I’ve established that it can hit higher temperatures with the fan on a lower setting, so it stands to reason that it is the air hitting the end of the nozzle causing the fall in temps. That being said, as this is stock, shouldn’t the nozzle be able to hold any temp?