Octoprint & Pause Feature

Trying to be safe here and want to see if this is possible. I don’t think it is, but here goes. I’ve got Octoprint running on an RPi. I have a print job that is half done and I need to go out. Can I pause the print job in OctoPrint, power down the Mini, and then power it back on later and resume? Is the job still waiting on the RPi? Or is all the gcode on the RAMBO board? I figure if its on the RAMBO and I power down the Mini, it’s gone. Else, it will work. However, if anyone has done this, do I have to get the hot end up to temp or will the resume function have this all built in?

Anyway, going to try it and see. Will report back.

No I do not believe this will work. If you power down the the mini it will loose connection to Octoprint and you will not be able to reconnect without restarting Octoprint or rebooting your Rpi. If you try to send a command to the printer after it has been power cycled you will get a firmware error in Octoprint. At least that has been my experience.

Regarding leaving the house with a print running, I do it all the time. I have a camera connected to my Octoprint and I’ve set up a domain name that goes directly to it so it is very easy to check in on my print from my phone. If I see something going wrong I can easily log in and shut everything down.

Correct, it doesn’t work. Found that out last night after coming back, powering up the Mini and trying to resume in OctoPrint . It just puked. I’m still not going to take a chance leaving the print running. I also have the ability to remotely monitor / control OctoPrint, but I would not be watching it all the time and things like thermal runaway are not something you can control if you are not watching it all the time. Not worth the risk IMHO. Just my 2c.

I felt that way when I first got my Mini. I didn’t want to leave it alone for a second.

Since I too built an RPI, I have gradually gotten to where I just let it run. The machine is unlikely to have thermal runaway and even if it did, it’s not going to hurt anything. I doubt very seriously that the hot end could get hot enough for a fire!

What worries me a little is if something happens and the printer decided to self destruct ramming itself into a corner.

So, when I leave, I open a port in my router and allow incoming internet connections to Octoprint! I have a strong password for it.
I can then visually monitor the progress of long prints from the internet with the RPI camera, and it’s all good. If something is hosed, then I can shut it down. But I have not needed to do that, yet.

Octoprint is awesome!