Octoprint & Raspberry Pi Question...

So I got a Raspberry Pi 2 and loaded it with Octopi for my Mini and did a few prints and I’m quite impressed. I’m also loving the remote monitoring and control. However, after I print a G-code file and try to print a new file it just hangs and I have to restart Octoprint and reconnect to the printer before it will start a new print. Is that normal or am I missing something?

I had the same problem, but it was sporadic. Overall, I am more pleased with Astroprint, though it lacks some minor things. It has been very stable, and I don’t have to use a VPN anymore to access it from away from the local network. You can set it up on your existing RPi.

My main complaint (very minor) is that you can’t see a video feed unless you have a print running (as far as I can tell).

Give it a try, you’ll probably like it. The setup process is simpler, and it can even host its own wifi network.

I took out the ending gcode parts that move to cooling position and wait before moving the bed out for part removal. That seemed to end the unresponsiveness at the end of the print. I think the same thing is what causes you to need to close and reopen the control window in Cura at the end of the print to regain manual control.

BTW, if you just click the disconnect button in octoprint and reload the webpage, you can reconnect to the printer without rebooting the PI completely.

Yep, that was it, nopick, thanks. I haven’t tried Astroprint yet, I’ll have to check it out. I must say using the Raspberry Pi and Octoprint combo has eliminated all of my quirky print failures do to computer glitches and background processes. My Mini just hums along now. I’m thinking they should build the Pi into the next gen Lulzbots, like the TAZ 6 or Mini 2 and bundle Octopi with it!