Official Resellers

Just a general question…I bought a Lulzbot Mini from on launch day in January and have been very happy with it. I saw theFacebook post Aleph Objects put up with the link to a recent Lulzbot Mini review -->

I read the great review and the detail about the extended warranty being available was something I missed originally. When I went to the store to see if that was something I could purchase I saw that the extended warranty had to be purchased within 30 days of the printer purchase (so bad on me for not checking sooner) but also saw the warning that the printer had to be purchased from an authorized reseller. When I clicked on the link for the list I saw that Adafruit was not listed as a reseller, even though I could have sworn they were there originally. I went to Adafruit’s site and lo and behold all listings for Lulzbot are gone.

Now, I know I missed the boat on the extended warranty because I am past the 30 day time frame, but since it appears that Adafruit is no longer a reseller (or maybe never was) will that affect my ability to access technical support should I need it in the future or the remainder of the one year warranty that was included when I purchased the unit?

Thank in advance for any information,


Contact our sales department by sending an email to with your original order information- You may fall into a grace period.

As for the support/warranty period- You’re fine. Adafruit was an authorized reseller.