Luzbot online store - out of stock

Can anyone from the new Luzbot team comment on when there will be anything available in the online store? Everything I have looked at says out of stock. I understand that spare parts, which is what I am looking for, are probably not your top priority in getting started at your new location, but it would be helpful to know how long we have to wait. It would also provide some confidence in your continuing viability given recent difficulties. Thanks.

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Good news! We just released a bunch of spare parts products on the website as available. We will keep releasing things as they get sorted through in the new location. Is there a specific part that you are looking to get and maybe I can check with the team? Thanks for your patience!

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As far as I can tell there is no Lulzbot team left. If the “entrepreneur” who bought Lulzbot was serious about keeping it alive there would be a web page up in Fargo with contact info as of November. I have been looking for months. I called the company he owned in Fargo last week and they said they don’t know where he is or how to reach him. That’s sad because I have someone from a local University who was interested in purchasing a BioPrinter.

All I get is useless info like this in my InBox every few days and the last time I emailed with a question it was the last of December or the first of January. I keep getting useless updates.

Fortunately there are nice people out there who have actually been helping me learn how to repair my TAZ by myself. A year ago I installed an E3D V6 after Lulzbot told me that if I personally worked on my machine I might burn down my house. By summer Lulzbot had ditched the “Hexagon Hot end” and was using the same E3D V6 I installed. They advised me to use the wrong cooling fan and it took me a while to track down the problems. Now I have replaced the Ultimachine 1.3 RAMbo board with a 1.4L I found that their lauded TAZ6 is smaller than my TAZ5 which is now upgraded to TAZ6 electronics and you know what? My house ain’t on fire—yet.

I suggest that you check your board and see if it is not shorted out. There are 3 fuses on the board of concern. One is a 15 amp fuse (large blue) and two small white rectangular “nano” fuses, one on the upper right hand corner of the board if your USB port is on the Left. I believe that is Fuse 3 (F3). Keeping your orientation there is another small white rectangular fuse which if I remember is Fuse 2 (F2) and I have been advised that “Fuse 2” on the 1.3 and 1.4L board shorts out frequently or it should to prevent fires.

If you don’t know how to use a multimeter (no attempt to be insulting here) find someone to show you. The F2 should show less than 1 ohm.

Please make sure your system is grounded. If you don’t, keep a fire extinguisher handy. :slight_smile:

Check your fan connections as your hot end should not have become that hot. Make sure you have the right thermistor and heater on your hot end. If you are not using an E3D hot end I suggest you contact MatterHackers or ITWorks and get one. assembled is about 70$. They (MatterHackers) don’t charge for shipping and unlike Lulzbot they are not putzing around taking inventory of their leftovers stock. You will have it in 5 days. Purchase a preassembled unit and don’t overtighten your nozzles. E3D suggest 25 inch pounds and I use a small torque wrench. Lulzbot told me 35 inch lbs. but E3D says you can over tighten.

Above all be methodical. There is a rhyme and reason for the way we wire things up. It’s called the IEEE convention and it regulates even the wiring colors. If the board is in the correct orientation remember that here in the west we read from Left to right and top to bottom For instance Large thick wires have to be power supplies because thin wires cause resistance, heat>fire. Red wires are power also. Orange wires on the Ultimachine RAMbo board are for thermistors. Look up your board. there are diagrams of the way the wires are or are supposed to be connected.

I seriously wish you and Lulzbot a lot of luck. They have a great product but no matter how great your product is you need good managers and people who won’t tell you that they refuse to tell you how to repair “Legacy” machines.

I don’t really need much. Looking for:

  • Taz wiper replacement kit
  • GT2 belt for a Taz6

I know I can get the belt elsewhere (1164mm x 6mm, 2mm pitch, 582 teeth, right?) and make the pads, I’m just really too busy to make the wiper pads myself.

Mostly, though, I am looking for signs that Lulzbot will remain alive. I got my Taz6 right after it was released and it has been fantastic and pretty-much trouble free.I’d like to be able to keep it going for many more years - parts & new firmware. My alternative is to switch to a Prusa MK3S, but I’d rather not.


Okay! I’ll make sure we get those parts available online for purchase. Just need to track them down as I know we have them. LulzBot is definitely here to stay! We are just going through a transition period due to the ownership change and factory relocation. We appreciate all the community support as we ramp things back up.


Glad to hear you guys are back!

Also, to updated a previous post, my order through Lulzbots store was fulfilled. The web order didn’t get up dated and since I didn’t hear back I started a dispute with my CC. I left for a conference and on return I found my order had arrived. Online status still showed as processing, but it looks like thing are moving. I called and ended the dispute since I had the parts already shipped.

Hi Iggy,

I am glad to hear that you received your parts. We are migrating lots of different software systems and some of the things like changing the status to shipped from processing have taken some time. We are back to fulfilling orders faster again! Thanks for your patience on your order.

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