offsets in Y direction


I have recently assembled my kittaz and testing out various prints. I seem to have a problem with offsets in Y direction in my prints. It’s like, suddenly the whole design is shifted a couple of milimeters? Things seem to get better if I decrease the print speed by 50%.

Can you please guide me in finding the problem?
thanks a lot


Check the two set screws on your Y axis stepper pulley. This will be the 16 toothed gear that attaches the Y axis belt to the motor. One set screw should be on the flat portion of the motor, and both should be tight. Chances are they are loose, which causes the slipping in the Y direction, and why reducing the speed helps.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi Brent!

I think you are right. I just checked the alignment and it seems that the set screw has shifted to the right with respect to the flat portion of the motor. I’ll fix this at my first oppurtunity and try a new print.
I guess I need to take the Y axis motor off to fix it properly right?

thanks again for your help

Glad to hear you got it nailed down!

You should be able to adjust positioning without removing anything. You will notice that part of the motor shaft sticks up above the pulley. With your printer turned off, hold the motor shaft in place with a pair of pliers. You can then manually move the plate forward or backward. This will rotate the pulley while keeping the shaft in place. Once aligned properly, just lock down those set screws using a 1.27mm hex. (Make sure to leave a small gap between the pulley and motor to prevent squeaking!)