Old Polymaker PC Plus?

For weeks my first roll of Polymaker PC Plus, 2.85 worked beautifully.
It’s kept in air tight container with ample indicator desiccant that remains yellow… Feeds through teflon tube from container to enclosure… from extruder it is smooth (no bubbles).
Second roll same setup. Moved from packaging to desiccant box and stored there about 48hrs. Nothing but bubbly extrusion now.

Ordered roll of newer Polymer PolyLite PC Filament (Formerly PC-Plus)

Possible that second roll is just too old to be usable??

Not sure if it’s age, or perhaps compromised factory packaging…

I had a similar problem with some Lulzbot ABS that I bought on eBay, in supposedly-sealed factory packaging. It sure looked sealed, but it bubbled and spat when I tried to print it.

Desiccant alone won’t fix it – it seems to me that stuff can keep something dry, but it can’t seem to dry something that’s taken in the moisture already. For me, a day in a modified food dehydrator cured the ABS roll just fine. I’ve had less positive results with some of the PLA - it dries, that’s for sure, but it also seems to get more and more brittle each time it gets dried (good thing it’s biodegradable, more or less, and cheap – it makes it easier to toss a roll and replace it when it gets too awful to use…)

Thanks—Didn’t know that! Not crazy after all (yet).

Ordered roll of “Polymaker PolyLite PC” filament and received box labeled “Polymaker PolyLite PC Plus” (Old inventory again?)

Returned to my second roll of same unprintable filament, removed couple yards and baked at 170°F for 24 hours. Tried again. Same bubbly extrusion through a brand new SE tool head!

I printed over 100 small parts with first roll: No Problem.

Just need to print 6 more identical parts to complete the project.

Doesn’t seem to be a way to contact Polymaker directly… Any thoughts?

If I had not had such good prints with 1st roll of this filament…

Placed 2nd roll in dehydrator for 48 hrs. and still bubbles? This is through Mini2 with new Aerostruder .5mm noz:

Baked PC for 5 days and finally was moisture-free.
To keep moisture-free, made a retainer for teflon tube feeding from filament dry box to extruder.

files here if of interest: