OLED Printer Monitor


I built one of these to monitor the status of a Lulzbot Mini using Octoprint as a server.
It uses a 3d printed case, less than $20 worth of parts and uses your wi-fi network to collect data from
your Octoprint Server. Even sets up its own web site on your network you use to configure the monitor.
It only needs 5 volts and access to your wi-fi network. It displays head and bed temps, percent complete, time left to complete etc.

Color me impressed, Alerbens! It’s awesome what $20 can get you these days lol. Hope I’ll be able to try this out someday.

I bought an LG Android phone for about $30 (new). I didn’t sign up for cellular service so its just usable on my home WiFi network but with an app like Printoid, it makes a decent carry-around printer monitor. Not as cute as this one, however!