LCD Screen Upgrade?

It appears that the Lulzbot Mini won’t come with an LCD screen, controller, or SD card reader. Is it possible to upgrade the printer with this? Which parts would be needed?

Should be able to. You will need a “full graphic lcd” the serial cables and sometimes an lcd adapter board. You will also need to source a housing or print one.

Speaking of the LCD, the Lulzbot store appears to be out of stock on them, so I followed the part back and found it here:

Interesting that it seems to come with the cable that Lulz charges $50 for.

But will that even work with the Mini? The Taz has a “Rambo” board while the Mini has a “Mini Rambo” board. And I don’t see the same connector on the “Mini Rambo”.

I got one of the RepRapDiscount ones and can confirm that it does not come with the same cable that lulzbot charges $50 for. It comes with another cable that (with some work) you could add female connectors to in order to work with TAZ 4’s RAMBo.

As a side note, however, I have been pretty happy with a raspberry pi and OctoPrint and don’t use the LCD at all.

Good to know, thanks! But it still seems like its not possible to add an LCD to the Mini this way, the connections on the mini-rambo just aren’t there. Maybe you have to replace the mini-rambo with a full rambo?

Yeah. Looks like a board swap is your option.

Would want something that I know works instead of guessing it might work. Surely the Lulz staff knows how far we would have to go to hook up an LCD and SD card reader to this?

You’d need to populate the board with the appropriate headers for the connections P1 and P2 (no information yet on that…) and get the firmware working for it. Eventually it will be easier, but for now, that portion of the board/firmware should be considered in development and subject to change/updates.

Mini-Rambo source:

I think it is way better & easier to add a beaglebone black, PCDuino, or raspberry pi running Octoprint and just connect via USB. We do this on lots of machines.


I do the same thing. While it’s nice to have an LCD controller on the printer- it’s so much nicer to have the ability to control your printer without having to get up off the couch using your phone’s web browser.

Hi Jeff…

Just registered to reply to your post… I just ordered two of the newest SBC’s from Hardkernel ( to mess around with.

Souped up SBC in Raspi B+ form factor…

Every Raspi specification that is below my wishes are essentially fixed on on this Model B+ inspired board for essentially same price.


I don’t run Wifi in my home; it can’t be secured. I don’t have other 3d printers to run either. So I bought a Celeron G1840 and a BIOSTAR B85MG motherboard, and will scavenge the rest of the parts from an old PC, and I’ll use that to run the Mini. The cost is less than the previously mentioned option (to me at least, since I have the other parts for a PC already) when you add in the power supply, eMMC card and case, and far better performing.

But I’d still prefer an LCD screen and SD card on the 3d printer itself, when its ready.

I was deciding on the mini and the KITTAZ version of the TAZ 4 back in November. I went with the KITTAZ for this among other reasons. The SD card/LCD add on for the KITTAZ (standard with TAZ 4) is really nice! True you can use an Octoprint device instead.

I figured that the KITTAZ can be upgraded to add the unique features that the Mini has, but the Mini just cant gain the build size and without a board swapout cant add on a 2nd extruder or a LCD screen.

What became of the PCDuino and the 7 inch LCD display that was used on some of the early prototypes?


Ya, the first Azalea prototypes had a very nice on board computer (Olimex, PCDuino, “Freedom Sandwich”) with a big 7" touch screen. It would have added quite a bit to the cost, and we wanted to keep the price down. It can also be added later easily. We are looking to add it or similar as an accessory in the future. There are even mounting holes. :slight_smile: There are a lot of other companies doing similar things that should work just fine with the Mini (offhand, companies like Print to Peer, Astroprint, etc. that are doing Octoprint-like systems).



The Mini Prototypes are what prompted me to do this:

I’ve got a PCDuino and a Capacitive touchscreen that I want to try because I’m not real happy with the resistive 4dSystems LCD’s.

I basically only use it for Bed Leveling since I print everything from the SD Card, but it was fun to make and get a version of Debian working for the BeagleBone that ran reliably.


That looks really cool, I like the octopus. :wink:

Care to share the BoM and Files for the Screen and housing? I’ve looked into doing this with my Taz 5 and even printed the enclosure, but the screen resolution ended up being to low.

I use an older recycled Pi loaded with AstroBox. It’s performed flawlessly and it gives you much finer control than you’d get from a physical LCD interface.

I second this. Finally took the time to get it set up last night (took about an hour total) and couldn’t be happier with it. Nice, clean, easy-to-use interface, and I had an old iPad 2 lying around that just results in a very nice wireless system.