OnShape - Web based CAD & Free

Hello Everyone,

This is by no means an advertisement its just the fact that I have found this CAD setup and wanted to share it with the Lulzbot community. It is free as well and it seems its being built by a lot of the originators from Solidworks.

I am no expert in CAD just a beginner but it seems pretty powerful so far. Check it out for yourself and hopefully some folks are interested in it. The online capabilities as well as working together at the same time are proving to be useful for my brother and I.


Cheers all!

p.s. I am loving my new mini!

Looks like AutoDesk. Fusion 360.

Never had the chance to use Fusion 360. I have only tried 123D Design and it seems to be good. I was looking for another free alternative and so OnShape was found.

How is Fusion 360 wmgeorge64

I could do things in 123D but zero documentation, they have a PDF download that helps but its a work in progress. If you had a question you needed to find a video.

Fusion has the lot of the same basics as 123 but much expanded and at least the Help menu has actual Help. Functions like Hole that lets you make a actual hole vs the round about way in both TinkerCAD and 123D. Online support is great, a learning curve but potential at the end, unlike 123D which is very limited. I also use FreeCAD to check my work and to convert drawings into SVG files.

Fusion is free for students, non profits and start ups. Someday when they get it perfected and working with documentation it will cost to use. It does require a decent internet connection, mine is only DSL with speeds 3-4 Meg but my laptop is Win 7 Pro 64 bit 12 Gb RAM, good graphics and a SSD hard drive. It does ok.

Thanks wmgeorge64

Sounds like Fusion360 is interesting. Unfortunately I don’t fit into any of the options to use F360 for free.

I just wanted to share with fellow Lulzbotters another alternative CAD program. Ive been happy with it, hard to say what they will do once “beta” is over.

The package for $100 a month is do-able for me as it would be like a good cell phone bill here, however with no income from the printer or CAD just yet I will remain on the free package.

Fusion 360 I don’t pay a nickel. Depends on how you look at it, I have never made anything with my 3D printing so its either hobbyist or start up. I qualified as a start up so the first year for sure is free. I think there are very few people paying the $300 per year.