Software used to make Lulzbot printer parts

I really like the precision in the stl files for the Lulzbot parts and doing this with Sketchup is just a disaster. I’m wondering what software is used to create these?

I think I found the answer Fusion 360. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but the models created there seem to be very similar in detail.

Correction. This appears to be freecad.

I started with freecad but then the hierarchy would lose its values sometimes and I would have to go through and toggle the values up or down and back to the original value. That was about 3 or 4 years ago, hopefully that’s been fixed by now. Fusion 360 is very popular. Solidworks is a top-of-the-line CAD design software. You can check out Design Spark that’s free. Tinkercad is an online web design tool. Here’s a list of some free or discounted CAD software

Several software engineers that worked for solidworks left the company and started Onshape. I think it is less buggy and delayed than fusion360.

If you are a student or involved in education you can get professional software for cheap. I got Rhino3d for mac for $200 when i was a graduate student.
My shameless plug… I love my Rhino3D