Open Source Syringe Pump

Hey guys!

Between school and work, I’ve spent quite a bit of time around syringe pumps. They’re simple things, consisting of a single stepper motor, a controller, a syringe and some tubing, but they allow for very consistent flow of just about anything you can squeeze through a hole. Ever since I saw RichRap’s work on paste extrusion, I’ve been itching to try it out on a 3D printer. check it out for yourself:

This is my first shot at a paste extrtuder; all files and source are released under CC4.0, share alike license. (395 KB)

Nice looking!

Is there a video online anywhere?

Yeah, check it out:

I don’t think that is the correct link.

Rufu5’s got a video on his phone, mine was unfortunately died before we got it pumping :cry:

Going to try to have V2 posted over the weekend, I’m mixing up the design pretty significantly to allow mixing of pastes/chemicals and to allow better (read: ANY) retraction capabilities.

Here are some images I took before the phone died :slight_smile:


This is really freaking cool! What’s the most viscous material you think you can use?



(should be a video in the paste_extruder directory when it syncs)

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Yeah, check it out:

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I can see you’ve made some updates to the design. I’m thinking of giving this a try but I’ve got a few questions.

  1. how torqy is it? could I push a ceramic through it?
  2. Have you played with any slic3r configs yet?

Have you made any more progress on this? How was the torque?

I’m curious if using a gear setup like wade’s extruder would be a better system for more torque. Maybe just one of those geared nema 17’s? Thoughts?