Part availability question

I tried e-mailing about this, but I never got a response. Will you ever have more of this particular item back in stock:

I have the A0-100 version, with the cutouts in the middle. Which isn’t a big deal, unless you are trying to mount it to one of these:

Will you guys be getting any more in stock ever?

Alternatively, if anyone who has an AO-101 has upgraded to a larger heated bed and wants to sell their old bed plate, please let me know, I’ll buy it if the price is right.


I’m checking with a colleague to see if we’ll be restocking that item, we may not. We do not sell this item that much anymore. I would recommend using this technical drawing to have one made locally: The aluminium plate can be locally sourced. I’m certain there is a machine shop that can cut that for you locally as well.

I did some digging, it looks like we sent a response to the message you sent to a couple of days ago. Sometimes our emails get caught behind spam/junk filters.

Oh, ok, i’ll check my junk mail box when i get home. Thank you for the update.