PatchRap - 'PatchPanel' for 'RepRap' machines.

Basically adapts PCB terminal block connections to shielded RJ45/8P8C jacks for use with convenient networking cables, ideally Cat6A (S/FTP, twisted pair). Implementing this as a PCB saves a lot of redundant wiring.

Schematic complete, component placement in progress.

Features include:
*) High power PCB mounted XT60 connectors.
*) IDE 80-pin (shielded) compatible generic input headers.
*) Spark-gap surge suppressors.
*) Dummy load resistor (should reduce/eliminate PSU clicking).
*) L/C stepper motor drive filter network (EMI reduction).
*) Independent power/signal ground.
*) Cooling fans supported by 12V power along all stepper motor and hotend cables.
*) Connector pinouts carefully chosen to minimize crosstalk.

PCB layout complete.

Spark-gap surge suppressors were dropped in favor of lower-cost production with thicker, heavier copper traces.

Assembled, and useful. Shown here with system power and stepper motors connected. Blue ethernet cable is Cat6A, S/FTP.