PEI delaminating

Does PEI delaminate from the bed? If so, how do I replace it.

Also, I have a magnetic bed…is that better, i.e., should I just switch?

I print ABS a lot so far

Yes, PEI does get damaged. See,, and or any of the other 50+ results in this forum of the search “PEI replacement”. Expand you search to the internet at large and I’m sure you will find additional information including videos.

The magnetic bed with a flexible plate can make object removal easier. I’m sure there are numerous topics on the subject if you are willing to search for them.


Strange thing about forums, you get people who ask newb questions.

I am printing on 1 mm thick PEI now, which is WAY less flexible and stresses the 3M 468MP adhesive a lot less than the thinner PEI I got from my printer supplier. Both available at Amazon. No adjustment to temperature needed.

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I just ordered a new PEI sheet…but it is only .56 mm. Does your thicker PEI take longer to heat up?

I just noticed this in my inbox. Sorry.

No, I have never noticed any difference. Just way less lifting and blistering. And I even reused one after the 3M adhesive gave out. Just cleaned it off and applied another 3M glue sheet, and used it for another year.