Idea for removing PEI from bed

Hi all,

I’ve had a sheet of PEI surface on my Taz 4 for about a year now. I purchased the PEI and 3m adhesive from Amazon and installed it myself. I went with a thicker piece of PEI than Lulzbot provides, maybe about 5/32 thick. I used the 3m adhesive and attached the PEI directly to the glass bed. I had successful ABS prints for many months, but recently started noticing some lifting on finished parts. I thought it was the part separating from the PEI bed, but upon closer inspection, I noticed it was the PEI lifting from the glass bed due to the pull of the ABS while printing. I decided I needed to install a new sheet of PEI since the adhesive seemed to be failing. Removing the old PEI was a mess, since so much adhesive was left stuck to the glass bed. I did eventually get it all removed and cleaned. But now i’m thinking it might be good to install the PEI on top of a sheet of PET tape. This way if I need to remove the PEI in the future. It’s as simple as removing the PET tape from the glass, which usually doesn’t leave behind residual adhesive. Does anyone see any issue with doing this?

I’d just go with a removable print surface like PrintinZ…

As much as I like PEI, I think the adhesive will always be the achilles heel of the solution.