PEI Print Surface: Troubleshooting

Link to the tutorial:

The PEI film that is standard on the LulzBot printers has been tested by the advanced members of the LulzBot community and is the preferred print surface due to ease of use and excellent print adhesion without use of solvents or glues (when the surface has been cleaned and heated properly). With time, you will most likely have to replace the print surface if your printer sees a lot of use. Follow the guidelines in this troubleshooting tutorial to maximize the lifespan of your PEI print surface and find resolutions to the possible symptoms below.

Possible PEI symptoms include:

  • Thin or translucent first layers, gouged PEI surface, or print surface is being compressed during the bed probing sequence
  • NinjaFlex® and/or SemiFlex™ parts adhere too well and can’t be removed from the print surface.
  • Nylon-, PET- (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), or copolyester-based 3D printed parts are lifting from the print surface.
  • ABS, PLA, or HIPS objects no longer adhere well to the print surface.
  • New filament materials without a Cura slicing profile are not adhering to the bed.
  • After printing over and over in the same spot, the PEI print surface seems worn, or is lifting from the heated bed.
  • Small bubbles appear under the PEI print surface.