PEI print surface

QUick question, im not getting abs to stick really well (decent) to the stock PEI print surface. I Know mhackney and others (myself included) have been using it for a long time. Ive always sanded it down with fine grit sandpaper and it sticks like magic.
However, i do like the glossy look of the stock PEI sheet, which is always good for PLA .
Is anyone sanding down for ABS? maybe switching glasses w/ pei for different filaments?

I sand my PEI when the ABS stops sticking. it works like a charm. i do a 2000 grit wet sand, wipe dry, then wipe clean again with isopropyl alcohol and water mix. not to familiar with how it will effect PLA though.

the only change to PLA will be that it will be less glossy on the finish… but i dont really care about that… I may have to sand it down.
I actually use 1000 grit, sometimes less… i have a pretty gritty PEI on my makerfarm and it holds well :slight_smile:

I’d love to have less stick with my PEI so I can get a smoother bottom layer. I’ve actually been wiping a bit of the lithium grease from the acme screws…