Pi power

I’d like to power a Raspberry pi using the RAMBO board. the 5v connector looks occupied on the Taz6. can someone point me to a guide for splicing in power to a Pi? I’d like a integrated OctoPrint setup. I’m itching to get a Pi Zero W or a Pi 3 working with Octoprint and my printer

closing thread dont want to void my warranty…

I hear you.

There are Pi compatible mounting holes on the Taz 6. TBH I’d rather have my Pi external to my printer in case it needs accessed for reformatting and it doesn’t take up too much space. Also if you mount the Pi internally, the USB would be internal. How would you perform firmware updates?

I got it all figured out. it’s mounted and powered externally, camera is mounted to the bed using this really cool mount


Only thing left to do is figure out what to do with the excess ribbon cable… The one I bought is overkill at 2-meters :blush: