Should I add raspberry Pi........?

So let me be completely honest here, I know nothing about gcode, programming, or writing script. I do, however, know how to follow instructions if given clearly! So with that in mind is adding Raspberry Pi 3 to my Taz 5 something I should take on? I mainly want it for adding a camera to remote view/record my prints, however I know there are MANY other great advantages too. Your thoughts are appreciated!

The nice thing about adding a pi and octoprint is that you can do it in stages. To start with, plan to power it externally to avoid tinkering with your printer power supply. From there it’s just a matter of plugging in a USB cable when you want to use it, and you can revert back to computer controlled just by swapping cables. It’s pretty inexpensive to get one to play with, and things like this can be made to work with a Taz 5 chassis too:

You can build your own octoprint or astroprint box using a raspberry pi 3 and an hour or so. Or if you want something more prepackaged, Astrobox sells the raspberry pi kit ready to start printing as well.