PLA / PVA Printing Profiles

Recently upgraded to the v2 dual extruder and have been able to print ABS / ABS without problem.

However, what I’d really like to be printing is PLA with PVA support structures. The “profile” that is pre-loaded on Cura 18.03 for the dual extruder doesn’t seem to be working the way I’d like.

I’ve slowed down the print speed to 10 mm/s, and checked/purged the extruders, to make sure they’re not clogged, but the PVA is still having an exceedingly difficult time extruding, and grinds/buckles against the drive gear.

Anyone have any tips on this, or would like to share the Cura Profile they use when printing PLA / PVA?


You’re having trouble with the PVA grinding, or was that a typo? The PLA grinding I could understand, but I have been extruding eSun PVA with my Dual Extruder V2 at 195C with no problems.

One thing that did happen early on though is that I had the PVA nozzle too close to the bed. PVA, being a very flexible filament, is quite sensitive to back pressure. I recommend that you err on the side of more distance between the PVA nozzle and the bed when you are aligning the bed. The ONLY problems I have had with extruding PVA were due to this.