PLA sticks too well!


Day two with Taz 4
Printing with red Prototype Supply pla on fast profile
Not appreciating that the glass plate came covered I sprayed it with hair spray.

Could not remove the object and destroyed it in the process!

Cleaned the bed with acetone and tried again…same result!

Printing at 60 degrees bed and 180 filament.

Any thoughts?


painters tape- the blue stuff at walmart $5, it will release if you use the oyster knife applying pry pressure and it will release slowly, as a side note you can use hair spray for nylon on top of the tape, clean up is a snap. I usually turn off (down to 5c) the bed after the first layer.

In my experience with default bed (covered with PET)
clean it spotless before print
after the print wait for it to cool off under 40°

Thanks for the replies.

Even with an acetone wash and the bed at room temperature the prints are cemented to it!

Printing now with no bed heating to see if that helps.

Is anyone just printing on the glass directly? That seemed to work well on my other printer-most of my work is pla not abs


Have you tried increasing you nozzle to bed gap? Maybe you are smashing that first layer a bit too much.

I recommend using standard Elmer’s Glue sticks straight on the glass. (Do not buy the extreme hold kind, just the standard sticks)

These are my print steps:

  1. Use a spray bottle to spray water on glass and use paper towel to remove previous print’s glue residue
  2. Use a microfiber cloth with one corner damped with 91% Isopropyl and wipe down the bed to remove finger oils
  3. Start heating the bed and apply a single layer of glue. Make nice even strokes with no overlap
  4. Print
  5. Remove part using clam knife and gentle pressure
  6. If stuck to bed (usually only with large surface area parts) spray some water around the perimeter of the part to dissolve the glue and reheat bed. Gently pry at a corner to help work the water underneath the part. Once you start getting water under the part it will start releasing as more and more glue is dissolved.

Thanks everyone…

First layer height is ok.

Have resolved the issue with the usual acetone wash and no bed heating

Print is removed in a straightforward manner at the end.


hairspray needs to cool down to remove easily. I have a fan I point at the print and when it cools down enough to remove, you will hear it crack as it pops off the bed and then can just be picked up.

Getting your print destroyed because of to good adhesive is nothing funny at all after all hour you spend on printing. I feel that!

Use Kapton tape or any other tape like Kapton, with this you can remove the tape if it stick to well so you later can remove the object and scratch it off. You should also try not to overheat the bed, try lower temp.