Possible Glitch/Maybe user error?

Hey all, I paused a print to change color and add some external support (long story, don’t ask), and during the pause, I accidentally pressed start print. This cancelled the pause, and now I can’t start it back up again. Anyone know a G-code or a way to fix this? I was in middle of a 6 hour print, and I don’t want to try again.

Long shot… In S3D you can start a print at a certain height. Potentially you could re-slice designating a specific height to start. Not sure if this can be done native in Cura or through a plugin.

Alternatively, you could manually modify the g-code file. Open your gcode file in a text editor, look for the point where the Z equals the current height of your print. Delete the code up to end of your start script.

A less risky method could possibly be to print and fuse the missing portion. Remove and measure the height of current print. In Cura, move the object below the bed by the measured height of the printed object, slice. This should give you the “top” portion of your object. Print and bond the two parts together… ABS use Acetone, PLA use SCIGRIP 4.

I’ve never tried any of those methods… but maybe they give you some ideas. Personally, I’d just re-print… 6hrs isn’t bad let it run overnight.