Mini v1 stops printing less than a minute before finishing

Running a print in ABS white filament. 237 layers in total, but the printer just stopped before the last dozen or so layers printed. Print head doesn’t move, but Cura (v3.6.23) is still connected to the printer and showing the head and bed temperatures at their target values.

No warnings. I opened the console - no messages. Clicked Show Debug messages. Expanding string of messages all of the same pattern but with slightly different details.

< [01:58:25] T:225.00 /225.00 B:104.65 /105.00 @:121 B@:125 < [01:58:28] T:224.88 /225.00 B:105.01 /105.00 @:125 B@:70 < [01:58:31] T:225.06 /225.00 B:105.22 /105.00 @:119 B@:27 < [01:58:34] T:224.75 /225.00 B:105.07 /105.00 @:127 B@:46 < [01:58:37] T:225.06 /225.00 B:104.70 /105.00 @:119 B@:125 < [01:58:40] T:225.06 /225.00 B:104.68 /105.00 @:119 B@:121 < [01:58:43] T:225.06 /225.00 B:105.03 /105.00 @:120 B@:67 < [01:58:46] T:224.81 /225.00 B:105.19 /105.00 @:127 B@:32

Estimated total print time of 2h 16m, stopped with an estimated 44s to go.

Waited a few tens of seconds, clicked Pause and Resume, to see if printer would restart.

Power management is set to When plugged in - turn off display and turn off hard disk - never.

Any suggestions?

It’s the second time it’s done this at about the same place, near the end of the print - the first time, on a variant of this object.

After waiting another minute or so, the print head doesn’t move, but the Monitor display changes from Printing to Ready to print. Then after I started Show Debug Messages, it’s gone back to Printing, and debug messages continue to scroll - the first entry now showing [2:04:377, which looks like the time since printing started, and now coming to the last ten or so minutes of the total print time.

Any suggestions?

  • Can I somehow reprint just the last dozen or so layers and glue it on? If so, how?
  • What causes this, and how can I get another print to run to completion?

This is the part I’m trying to print
14 shell and garage door surround.stl (12.4 KB)

And a photo of the nearly complete print, where it just stopped.

The top middle triangle should finish with a point on the top.

Console is still spewing out Debug messages as I write this. It’s got up to [2:17:37] and still going, with no change in the general shape of the messages, and showing no sign of stopping.
‘< [02:17:37] T:225.06 /225.00 B:105.17 /105.00 @:120 B@:34
< [02:17:40] T:225.13 /225.00 B:105.01 /105.00 @:117 B@:58
< [02:17:43] T:225.00 /225.00 B:104.66 /105.00 @:122 B@:127
< [02:17:46] T:225.06 /225.00 B:104.69 /105.00 @:119 B@:126
< [02:17:49] T:224.88 /225.00 B:105.12 /105.00 @:125 B@:49
< [02:17:52] T:225.06 /225.00 B:105.19 /105.00 @:119 B@:28
< [02:17:55] T:225.00 /225.00 B:105.01 /105.00 @:121 B@:57
< [02:17:58] T:225.00 /225.00 B:104.61 /105.00 @:121 B@:127
< [02:18:01] T:225.00 /225.00 B:104.72 /105.00 @:121 B@:117
< [02:18:04] T:225.00 /225.00 B:105.11 /105.00 @:121 B@:50
< [02:18:07] T:225.13 /225.00 B:105.20 /105.00 @:118 B@:24
< [02:18:10] T:224.88 /225.00 B:104.93 /105.00 @:126 B@:73
< [02:18:13] T:225.13 /225.00 B:104.65 /105.00 @:118 B@:127
< [02:18:16] T:225.00 /225.00 B:104.85 /105.00 @:122 B@:98
< [02:18:19] T:225.06 /225.00 B:105.15 /105.00 @:119 B@:44
< [02:18:22] T:225.00 /225.00 B:105.17 /105.00 @:122 B@:32’

I closed the console, and got the message again: Printing, with the option to Pause again. Clicked that, and Cura immediately closed the whole program. I give up for tonight at 2:25am!

Just to give the post a jog - any ideas please for what is going on, and how to recover?

Please provide some details on the hardware (and software) connected to the printer. What version of firmware is installed in the Mini 1?

The messages being printed are auto temperature reports initiated by an M155 gcode command (looks like an M155 S3).

If I understand correctly, you are using CuraLE 3.6.23 and are sending the output directly from CuraLE to the printer. This makes it hard to tell exactly what gcode is being sent to the printer and to determine if CuraLE isn’t sending the last bit or if the printer firmware didn’t like what CuraLE sent.

An alternate solution would be to install Pronterface (Printrun). Then you can save the gcode output from CuraLE to a file and print that file using Pronterface (after examining the gcode file to make sure it is complete).

There are a couple of options you can try to recover from this failure.

The first has a low probability of success and only works if the printer still remembers the X, Y, and Z positions. If you have the gcode file, you can edit it to remove what is already printed and then send the rest to the printer.

Another recovery technique (which has a higher probability of success), is to move the part below the “bed surface” in CuraLE and then print it. CuraLE will only slice the part above the “bed surface”. After printing, you glue the two parts together.

Thank you.

When I type M115 in the console to find the firmware version, the output is this:
< [21:34:26] FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin FIRMWARE_VERSION: EXTRUDER_TYPE:SingleExtruder SOURCE_CODE_URL:LulzBot 3D · GitLab PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:LulzBot Mini EXTRUDER_COUNT:1 UUID:351487b6-ca9a-4c1a-8765-d668b1da6585

< [21:34:26] Cap:SERIAL_XON_XOFF:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:EEPROM:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:VOLUMETRIC:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:AUTOREPORT_TEMP:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:PROGRESS:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:PRINT_JOB:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:AUTOLEVEL:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:Z_PROBE:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:LEVELING_DATA:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:BUILD_PERCENT:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:SOFTWARE_POWER:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:TOGGLE_LIGHTS:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:CASE_LIGHT_BRIGHTNESS:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:EMERGENCY_PARSER:1

< [21:34:26] Cap:AUTOREPORT_SD_STATUS:0

< [21:34:26] Cap:THERMAL_PROTECTION:1
The printer is connected by USB cable to an HP laptop running Windows 10 Home, v 10.0.19044.

I can’t use the first option to continue printing from where it left off, unfortunately.

And when I broke off the support, the print itself fragmented too. So I can’t just reprint the top and stick it on, unfortunately.

In the interim, I’ve re-modelled the print into two separate parts. The first printed successfully, and I’m about to try the larger (upper) part now.

I don’t want to convert to new slicer software yet, but might try it once I find out if it offers other benefits too.