Lulzbot Shipping just got outrageous.

So was looking to order 2 spools of filament but the shipping was more than the plastic. What’s up with that?

Note it says “International Shipping”. That means something in your cart isn’t in stock in the USA, so it is shipping from abroad. Remove that thing, and it will be back to domestic shipping.


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When I ordered my ABS from Lulzbot, it came from Canada, I live in the US. I called customer service to make sure that was right, and it is, at least for now.

We try to keep all our inventory in stock in all three warehouses, but as items are sold out, your order may ship from different warehouses. Contatcting support/sales for more specific order fulfillment locations is perfectly fine. We’re here to help!

Now that I run a business from home and have to ship items on a daily basis; I am totally mind boggled on your guys shipping costs. Everytime I order some tiny part for my TAZ I am shocked at the shipping cost. A USPS padded envelope would be in the $2-3 range to ship yet your shipping costs are always $10-20 for the tiniest things. I always have to go elsewhere to find the parts. I would gladdly buy all of my filament from you but your shipping prices are insane. You guys need to look into switching over to USPS full time. You are lossing a LOT of business due to high shipping costs. I would much prefer to send my business your way since you guys build my machine and can give me actual advice on the parts I order, but when the part tripples in cost when you add in the shipping, I just can’t justify that. Your shipping costs have come up time and time again across this forum and other reprap forums. You need to understand that many of your shipped items are small and under 1lb. In that case you will never be able to beat USPS prices. Their prices suck for heavy objects but are unbeatable for small objects like all the printer parts and filament. Please understand that I am not complaining about your products, customer service, website, or anything else regarding Lulzbot. You guys are great. It’s just your shipping costs suck.

One of the main problems with shipping costs is that it doesn’t clearly indicate where something is shipping from. If you have 4 things and one isn’t in the USA and you are, for instance, the part from the UK can drive up the price significantly. We have worked at getting that info displayed in the cart, but have failed to do it so far…

I’ll see what else we can do about getting the shipping rates down in general.



You really need to look at shipping everything you can USPS priority mail. Not the flat rate. Flat rate only makes sense on heavy items. Based on what I have seen, it would cost around $5-6 to ship a spool of filament… The last time I checked, you were wanting $15 to ship one to Kansas.

Thanks for making this thread. I’ve always thought this except didn’t think anything would happen out of it. I always just sucked it up and paid shipping fees. I appreciate your honestly and effort Jeff!

I now see a free shipping option. I will be trying some Lulzbot filament the next time I order.