Print head won't move down


The print head on my Lulzbot mini will not go down. The printer does not seem to realize this and keeps printing int he top position.

I had a bad filament jam and had to remove the print head and pull out the filament. Then I ran through several inches of cleaning filament. Everything seemed ok until I started to print and the print head would not go down.

Did you disconnect the Z endstops and if so, reconnect them properly?

If you open up the printer control window in cura (load an object, press print), when you press a Z down button, does it tell you anything in the side window where text appears (right side)?

I shorted out the Y endstop controller for the forward motion on my board cleaning the nozzle with metal and it required replacing the controller board. In my case, I would press the Y forward button and immediately see “Y endstop hit” followed by some number. Hopefully, it isn’t the same problem I had.

I don’t know if i disconnected them and reconnected them properly.

Normally if I press the down arrow in Cura I get this message in the right window:

< echo:endstops hit: Z:-0.03

But sometimes it does go down

You should call support. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the controller board.

Check that your thermistor and resistor aren’t shorted to the heater block.

Hi I had same problem after maintained my extruder. I wonder how will thermistor and resistor shorted to heater block? My thermistor is working properly after I reassemble it.

Thanks a lot!

Hey there, I figure it out what you mean. Got it fixed! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome!