Y Axis Issues Please Help

On our LulzBot Mini, the Y axis appears to be having issues as the head will no longer go down it will only stay at a specific height and not move, it also wipes at the selected height and also attempts to configure itself by touching the the metal circles but still stays at the height

Thats actually going to be the Z axis. There are two motors that power Z, and there could be a couple reasons why it won’t move. Check and see if the leadscrews got out of allignment. Measure from the bottom of the leadscrew nut to the top of the lower leadscrew bearing. it should be exactly the same distance on both sides. If one side is off, carefully and with the motor disconnected and the printer off (to prevent electrical feedback into the board), rotate the leadscrew manually until both sides are at the same height, reconnect everything, then try again.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you may have blown a board fuse. if you are under warranty, a call to support might be in order.

In the control windows does it say anything about hitting a limit switch?

If so you might have a short on the extruder head.