Print tolerances and quality question.

I printed up a few different versions of this MakerBot fidget gear. its a print in place 2 gear in a frame fidget toy.

Using default settings in Cura (ABS and PLA)for my mini I seem to get sloppy tolerances, over extrusion related maybe.
using the default settings in Simplify3D (ABS) I got a much cleaner print tolerance wise, (but a little bit of stringing on the exterior)

Anyone have any suggestions before I start going willy nilly changing things that might not be the best way to fix these?

Pics below. White is S3D in ABS, Bubblegum pink is Cura in ABS, hot pink is Cura in PLA gear teeth are a little chewed up on the pink ones from breaking them free, they were quite solidly fused together (using the newest updates of the release versions, Lulzbot Mini profile default settings, not a alpha or beta build)