Print widths differ near bottom of print with HIPS

I’ve got a problem where the width of a print differs in the first quarter-inch of height.

When printing with HIPS, default CURA settings, on fine detail, the first few layers seem to print correctly.
Then the layers get narrower around their perimeters, and eventually widen again to their intended dimensions for the rest of the print. Example attached.

Any idea what would cause this? The bottom isn’t pulling up, and thus interfering with the layers above. It doesn’t seem to happen with other filaments. Maybe it’s an issue of the proximity to the bed, and the fan?

Seems to be related problem:

You might try lower your extrusion temp a couple degrees. I was printing derby wheel for a local maker faire and had this issue with the wheels doing this and a slight temp changed resolved it for me. YMMV.

What Cura LulzBot Edition version and profile are you using? Turning the bed temperature down a bit after the first layer may help. Try the profiles in the Cura 2 LulzBot Edition Beta and let us know how a cooler bed temp works for you.