Printbed not level?

Ok, need some help. I’ve got a Mini 1.4 with the SE tool head. I’m getting different print results and adhesion between the left and right side of the print bed. The printer goes through the level routine before each print, and has no problem when touching each washer. I’ve done the following so far:

  • Leveled x-axis mechanically as covered in the forums.
  • I’ve replaced the bearings on the y-axis. (The right side was worse then the left side, I thought this was the problem.)
  • I recently replaced the PEI print surface.

Any ideas on what else I can do to address this?

This is often caused by debris on the nozzle tip that the wiper can’t remove. Try warming the nozzle to print temp and scrubbing it vigorously with blue or green scotchbrite.