printing bottom layer in circles not stripes

I want to print the base of my models is concentric rings, as the outside two layers are done (see attached photo) but across the whole print (i.e. continued smaller circles rather than back and forth). Is there a way to do this? Printing on a lulzbot taz 6

The pattern of printing is generated by your slicer and while you mentioned a TAZ 6 printer, you didn’t mention what slicer you are using. I’m going to assume you are using CuraLE the latest version (3.6.3).

You will need to click on Custom Print Setup and then scroll down to the Shell section (or type “pattern” into the search box) and change Top/Bottom Pattern from Lines to Concentric. You could also experiment with just changing Bottom Pattern Initial Layer. You may also want to change the Infill Pattern as well.

If you are using a slicer other than CuraLE (or an older version), you will probably find similar options perhaps with different names.