Printing Mesh

How would I print a mesh that has no flat surface to adhere on the build plate?

Images of mesh shown in Cura below, mesh is floating above the surface of the build plate. No flat surfaces to place on the build plate.

Do I add support type=touching build plate, and/or or platform adhesion type = brim or raft, or design supports in CAD software before loading it to Cura?

Top View

Side View

Can you sink it into the build plate to get a flat bottom layer? If you need the bottom surface also, then flip it over and sink it in again, and glue the two halfs together.



How do I “sink” a model into the build plate?

Do I do this in my CAD design software (make sure model is located a selected distance above the x-y plane), or can I do it once the model is loaded into Cura?


Load it into Cura normally. In the “advanced” (not expert) settings under “quality” go to the third parameter down. Just set in te number of millimeters you want, using the dimensions provided in the size icon at the bottom of the screen.