Printing multiple parts with Slic3r

Hey Guys,

I am trying to print multiple parts in one print job using slicer. I can get it to work but it is printing the parts one layer at a time. Is there a setting to make it print one part complete and then move on to the next one?

I know I would have to leave room around each part for clearance of the whole extruder head.

I guess knowing what version of slic3r I’m running would help. 1.2.0


I am not sure how to set it up in 1.2.0, but let me try to shed some light on 1.1.7. First you must be in expert mode before turning this one.

Print Settings > Output Options > Complete Individual Objects > Check!

As you mentioned, you are going to want to set your clearances for your objects in both they XY plane, and the Z direction.

If you would like to print multiple groups (print three of this item, move to another location and print three of this item) You will want to combine your multiple STL files into one STL file. The number of parts you can print in one group, will be defined by layer separation. The longer your part has to cool before having the next layer put down, the more layer separation issues you may run into.

If anyone has some insight into getting this done with 1.2.0 we would love to hear it.

Yeah I just found it again. Couldn’t remember if it was in Slic3r or Pronterface.

Now I can fill up the print area and not worry about the parts cracking :mrgreen:
I’m seeing a weekend long print coming up. 1hr each at 40 pieces…print baby print.

Do you know off hand how large of an offset you need for a single extruder head?

Do you guys know if there is way to determine order of prints? This would be very useful!


I have done this twice now. It seems to print in order of parts loaded into Slic3r. I think.

I was asked this very question before I left work Friday, so until I go back on Monday I won’t be able to actually test that theory.

The good news is Pronterface shows the order when you preview the printing slice by slice.

One thing weird is if you use a brim feature, it’ll print both brims, then complete one part, and come back to do the second part. Not sure why at this point.